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I'll need a guild officer to set the rules/guidelines here... ~Syntheya
Game News
Have your character featured in the banner image of the guild site.
cxc Just capture and upload your best screen shots featuring your favorite Grand Fantasia characters. The winning screen captures will be incorporated into our main banner image.
  • Just upload your screen-shots to the gallery here at the site in the 'Contest' gallery.
  • Submit as many examples as you like.
  • Winners will be announced on Wednesday, September 20th.
**site under construction** (last updated Tuesday, Sept. 14th, 2010)

GOGO Darkwolves!!!

Okay, so I got the site registered.... And here it is! (Oh, btw, check the forums for pretty much up to the moment information on the sites development... Which as of the time I write this ain't squat... -.-)

This looks weak....
Yup. And it's going to for about a week or so. But if you check in on a day to day basis you'll see the site evolve into something pretty cool.

Why bother with this in the first place?
Offering additional content and interactivity to DarkWolves members through the Guild Site will enhance the experience Grand Fantasia offers a player... But it will be up to other DarkWolves members to breathe life into this hollow structure I am building here....

What will this require from me?
Well, nothing really. It depends upon how many people from the guild end up reading this and realizing that they wouldn't mind trying to, I dunno, maybe be a forum moderator. Or maybe put together a strategy guide in the forums for instances... Create a reference section? Put together a contest? Guild Raid? In game rewards for players that preform Guild-site feats? (Like, say, "X" in-game reward for 200th post on the Guild Forum.)

If there are enough people interested in this sort of thing then I believe that the site will eventually pick up it's own momentum.

Guild News

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Syntheya, Sep 13, 10 1:24 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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